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retreats for mental health &
healing arts professionals that want to gain continuing education with travel, cultural immersion, ritual, fun, & community connection.

It’s Time.

It’s time for you. Time to start innovating and creating.  This also means that it’s time to face what is holding you back so you can stop playing small and start making the impact on the world you want.  It’s time to play bigger, enjoy life more, and leverage support from people who believe in you and want you to be successful.

There’s one problem.

It’s hard to be creative and make room for planning something new when you’re caught in the daily grind—work, life, family.  Self-care is non-existent, or you are doing just enough to keep from falling apart.  You wonder, “how and when will I carve out the time to create something new when I don’t have the time to do what I need to do now?” And for many, the desire for that heart calling feels like too much, so they wait for the perfect time that never arrives.   

Hustle & No Flow.

Creativity and innovation are rooted in reflection and space.  For years, popular culture has taught us that we have to keep going, fake it until you make it, and to make it happen.  We are also have bought into misunderstandings that we have to do things alone because asking for help is weak.  This only leads to burnout and feelings of overwhelm.  The hustle culture and doing it all yourself mindset is dead.  We now know that there are better and more effective ways to hear our calling and create the life and work of our dreams. 

 The Qinti Collective is here to help.

We offer Day, Weekend, and Week-Long retreats exclusively for mental health professionals who want to create something new, transform their business, reconnect to their joy, or explore unique heart callings.  A time to slow down, reflect, relax, and feel unhurried.  With experiential exercises, coaching, and support so that you can create something impactful, sustainable, and, above all, fulfilling.   

All retreats provide plenty of time to relax and enjoy the local culture and scenery, allowing you time to self-reflect and process what you’re learning and implementing.  This is an inside-out approach.  You will be facilitated experiential exercises that will support you in attuning to yourself and creating.  

Key elements for Qinti Collective Retreats:

  • Learn rituals to support your reconnecting to body, heart, and soul. 
  • Exercises to tap into your creativity and break free from perfectionism & procrastination.
  • Goal-setting and strategic business planning that aligns with you.
  • Small group and 1-on-1 support to help you with your goals, your vision, and your why.
  • Learn ways to make the most significant impact by developing a values-driven business that aligns with self-care.
  • Psychology and Embodiment techniques to help you get unstuck and avoid overwhelm.
  • Leadership and organizational development to help you build your confidence as a visionary & compassionate leader.
  • Be introduced to local indigenous healing traditions with a decolonizing perspective. 
  •  NASW (Pending) & AASECT Accreditation for gaining CEU’s

Our mission is to provide continuing education programs & trainings that offer unique experiences to mental health & healing arts professionals.

Our intention is to revitalize the soul of the healer by combining experiential immersive experiences & travel while learning innovative and integrated ways to serve their clients in a more powerful & effective manners. 

Our greatest belief is that by slowing down to reconnect with life, to restore the connection with fun, &  renew the relationship with what sacred is how the healer nurtures their own soul.

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Follow us and you will learn holistic, integrative, and innovative ways to nurture & reconnect to revitalize your soul  while learning powerful ways to serve your clients along the way.

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